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Imagination is not enough.


How we help

Our clients have widely varying needs. Sometimes companies need help creating a strategy to execute on their innovation opportunity. Other times they have the strategy but not the product design. And then there are others who have the design but they don’t know how to execute on the build and maximise success. Finally, some of our favourite projects we imagine ourselves. We then find a client to partner with, or we build the business ourselves.

Below are some examples of what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. We have a selected a few examples for each of our core areas of specialisation. More examples and detail are available upon request. 

  1. Innovative Product Design, Development and Funds Management
  2. Commercialisation and Private Equity Advisory
  3. Go-To-Market Strategy Structuring and Distribution
  4. Economic and Financial Services Thought Leadership
  5. IP and Start-Up Creation, Development and Commercialisation



This is our core heritage. We are product designers and manufacturers who specialise in packaging for maximum commercial effect. Our success results from the unique combination of our investment expertise, deep commercial acumen, intuitive human-centred design approach (long before it was a 'thing), sales focused marketing prowess and global funds management experience.


Listed Investment Companies (LICs): Directly designed, developed, packaged, marketed and governed A$797m in LICs in alternative and income seeking asset classes since 2002. Currently building a series of LICs focused on non-equities asset classes, designed to meet the income and diversification needs of retirement funds. 

Global Farmland Funds Management Business: Ideated, designed, structured and managed a global farmland fund manager, incorporating land and operating assets in one structure which allowed foreign investors without taxation or other friction costs.  FUM reached A$1.5bn.

World-first Venture Capital Independently Managed Account (IMA): Created the IP and then executed on the delivery of a unique pre-IPO investment structure which combined the best features of a Venture Capital fund with the control and transparency of angel investing with features like direct ownership, portfolio acquisition via investment committee, ability to top-up participation, secondary trading framework without causing issues to investees, dynamic reporting platform with low marginal cost but stronger engagement between investors and investee companies.  This structure can be easily replicated for other asset classes and is particularly suitable for illiquid direct assets like VC, PE, property, infrastructure, farmland, impact investing and credit.

Venture Philanthropy: Designed an impact investing structure combining the Not For Profit's (NFP) benefits in having the certainty of a fund with the needs of impact investors to have direct engagement and the ability to vary their contributions to specific underlying causes.  This work contributed to the success of the NFP in securing the largest single donation in the history of the organisation, to be donated in the same quantum annually for five consecutive years.

B2B Superannuation Fund: Designed, developed and packaged a low-cost, B2B superannuation product for an established financial services business. Solved the challenge of how to profitably and compliantly advise clients on the issue of superannuation consolidation and created a scalable technology platform enabling this to be done across 1,000s of clients concurrently.



Businesses which are ready to scale and need help maximising the value of their resources and revenue opportunities whilst mitigating the risks which can bring private companies down, often turn to us.  We provide a range of services including strategic advice, financial modelling and the development and implementation of commercially honed go-to-market-strategies.

Companies range from scale-up all the way through to multinationals, reaching across financial services, cyber security, insurance, media and beyond. Our Chief Investment Officer is also an active board member currently serving on three boards as NED and fulfilling the role of Responsible Manager for one of those. 


Australian digital health care start-up: Corporate advisory, business model structuring and Go-To-Market-Strategy development. Successfully raised seed funding and commencing preparatory work on Series A. Shareholders and advisers to the Board. 

US $200m Revenue Global Tourism Business: Post-acquisition strategy, financial modelling and Go-To-Market-Strategy development. 

Cyber Security Business: Investment structuring, advisory and Series A capital raising for cyber security business.



Our experience building innovative strategies for taking products, services and businesses to market across multiple jurisdictions, especially within the complex world of financial services, and our proven ability to implement makes this an important pillar of our service offering.  It combines powerfully with our investment and deal structuring expertise.  We work with businesses from start-up stage all the way through to large, global corporations. 

Finance & Media JV: Adviser on a global financial services and media joint venture, focusing on the pricing, structuring and commercialisation strategy.

InsurTech Adviser: Corporate adviser supporting negotiations with major counterparties. Repositioned the go-to-market strategy, developed the investment and marketing strategy including creating all supporting documentation. Also managed sales negotiations with more than thirty of Australia’s leading financial services companies.

Multi-Family Office Strategy: Advised Multi-Family Office on organisational strategy, market positioning, rebranding and sales strategy.

Investment Fund GTMS: Consulted to a large Australian financial services business on the go-to-market-strategies for a global infrastructure debt fund (institutional) and local investment fund (retail) with dynamic asset allocation. Developed the sales & marketing strategy, created supporting materials, then developed and delivered sales training to maximise revenue opportunities. 



This is a premium series of investment and economic insights delivered through regular reports, opinion pieces, seminars and bespoke, high-end events, all delivered in the voice of our clients who are dotted across the Asia Pacific. We created this subscription service based on the understanding that:

  1. People are genuinely interested in building a deeper understanding of investment markets so they can make better decisions in managing and growing their wealth; and
  2. The business delivering financial services to these clients face myriad challenges in meeting their demand for knowledge, insights and leadership.

We take our views, adapt them to each business’ needs and then deliver content designed to enhance their value proposition and create sales conversations.  We are currently building a facility to enable the quick development and delivery of written and video content.  



Creation and innovation are the lifeblood of Revolver Capital. We are, at heart, entrepreneurs so we love creating IP and building new businesses.  


Superannuation Consolidation: We are commercialising our own patented IP, a complex algorithm we built for fun one weekend, in a brand new Fin-Tech. Our hand-picked partners bring global brand, digital marketing and technology smarts to the team. This is a revolutionary superannuation consolidation platform.  It's designed specifically for trusted advisers, like accountants and tax agents, so they can help their clients to make informed super decisions, and then consolidate or switch all in one place. It is independent, robust, efficient and easy. Our goal is to save Aussies $1 billion in unnecessary fees. 

Aged Care: We are founding team members actively involved in building a disruptive start-up in the aged care industry which leverages an algorithm we created and our deep understanding of complex channel marketing.

Digital Tipping: After a long journey of development, we are finally bringing to market a tipping solution for the cashless societies of the digital age. We are advisers to the passionate founding team, providing business modelling, GTMS and capital raising  support.