Trenna Probert


Trenna has more than 20 years' experience working across the breadth of financial services including banking, retail investments, institutional investments, private equity and private banking across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. In her role as a senior strategy executive at Macquarie Bank, she developed a passion for alternative investments, real assets and enjoyed collaborating with Craig on the development and distribution of co-investments to UHNWIs and institutional investors across Asia, in the UK and into the US.

Her specialisation is product development, go-to-market-strategy/execution and growth consulting.  Over the last eight years she has worked in the entrepreneurial and venture capital ecosystem as a founder, investor and corporate advisor.

Quick to understand complex business strategies, yet passionate, colourful and articulate, Trenna is keenly sought after by CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors for her ability to cut through the noise to what is actually required to drive towards success. Importantly, her ability to inspire key stakeholders to come together, typically from conflicting viewpoints, and execute is what sets her apart.  This combined with her ability to lead her own and client teams from strategy through to successful execution is what drives her loyal following.

Combining intellect and creativity with endless curiosity, enthusiasm and energy, she thrives on creating opportunities, products and businesses from the apparently abstract connections she sees between words, ideas, businesses, problems and people.  She is therefore sought after as an inspiring but tough workshop facilitator, a visionary strategist, engaging commentator and speaker.   

Trenna’s secret weapon is translation.  She can communicate her own ideas to any audience, but her real power lies in translating the foreign languages of analysts, product specialists, economists, marketers and sales people so that businesses and products actually reach the people for whom they were designed.



Craig Swanger


Craig has established and run funds management and direct investment platforms in fourteen countries. His career has involved establishing new businesses, corporate advisory roles, leading large global teams, and managing over US$10bn. For fifteen years he held executive roles at Macquarie Bank, culminating in dual roles as the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Innovation Officer for Macquarie’s global wealth management network. 

Over that time, he devised, built and managed a range of new business initiatives, typically in leading-edge fields such as alternative investments, farmland investing, and venture capital co-investment platforms.  The result of persistently executing new business strategies in the relatively conservative financial services market earned Craig a reputation as a highly commercial business innovator, with the grit to successfully execute even in the face of adversity.

Craig has a deep understanding of investments and markets. He applies macro-economic insights to uncover emerging global themes and opportunities which he translates into language for a wide range of audiences. His ability to successfully read investment market trends, understand investor behaviour and innovate to deliver investment products which meet investor needs, lead to his appointment as Macquarie’s first Head of Innovation. Ultimately, this resulted in a deeper understanding of corporate venture capital and a taste for early stage investing.

Today Craig applies his unique skill set to invest in, build and advise private companies. Craig advises Revolver’s portfolio of investments and clients on how best to innovate and execute to successfully ride the waves of global economic and investment trends.

Craig’s unique skill is to make the inaccessible easy to access, and the complex easy to understand. He derives great pleasure in applying these skills to help the individuals and companies we work with, but also more broadly to make complex investment markets understandable for investors of all levels of sophistication.  As a result, he is valued as a colleague, advisor, Board Director, market commentator and also an entertaining and insightful public speaker.

Non Executive Director Roles:

Direct Money